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Jurong Lake District referrers two jointly areas namely the Jurong East and Jurong Lake. The areas stand s on a ground that can provide a fantastic opportunity to be developed into the most fabulous place to carry out all business affairs along the lakeside. The master plan was released for the first time in 2008 as a section of URA’s idea to develop new employment centers as the only way of creating quality jobs and the options of recreational activities near the homes. All along the district has shaped up and vibrantly grown into a significant commercial node, more so areas around the Jurong East MRT station.

Jurong Lake District Singapore

The earlier master plan was reviewed after there was the announcement of two huge infrastructure projects. The two projects were Tuas Mega Port and Kuala Lumpur-Singapore. The High-Speed Rail is the most significant project of Jurong Lake District as it focuses on creating an infrastructural connection between Malaysia and Singapore. The rail will also facilitate business to business connections, and people of the two nations will be able to transact some essential businesses. Whistler Grand is located near to Jurong Lake District by CDL.

Business at Jurong Lake District

The incorporation of all Singapore’s container services is to ensure the future generations can connect well with Tuas Port for the rest of their lives. As the port is closeby, has offered an excellent chance to shape the port once again. Both the industrial and logistics see an enormous advantage of the port, and hence many of them are capitalizing on the development of business opportunities and worldwide trade.

Transformation of Jurong 

In August 2017, a new master plan was launched to change  the area into a sustainable and smart district as the only way of matching into a new era of economic transformation. The aim of the new master plan was also to make it as a preferred gateway that could connect to Singapore. Having a mass land area of over 360ha, Jurong Lake District is made of two precincts namely the Lakeside and Jurong Gateway. Constructions taking place on the existing cluster of public agencies and firms in Jurong Gateway will transform Jurong Lake District into a hub for ultimate infrastructure growth.

The Jurong Gateway also provides an exciting location for all the firms found the located in the maritime services sector, with the advantage of the city being too close to the new port and the surrounding logistic clusters, it seems to grow at a very high speed.

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